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When did you start writing?

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I began my training as a writer by doing theatre when I was in middle school and high school. I majored in Theatre at the Boston Arts Academy, where I specialized in Stage and Production Management. I also studied film, photography [BF/VF] [other internships], and had an interest in comics and anime. I went to Hampshire College, where I continued to study the overlap of story telling, focusing on experimental novels, post-modern literature, and transmedia storytelling.

What are your favorite books?


How did you get the idea for Somewhere In Between?

I had been thinking about Rom, Magnolia,  and the in-between place for nearly five years. I had initially drafted the story as a true post-apocalyptic, dystopian YA. Some of the wider world building and conflict didn't feel right, and other projects were beckoning me, so I put this story on hold. Even though I wasn't actively working on it, I never fully put it down, and would revisit the characters and setting in writing exercises.  

One day back in 2014, I was walking home from the subway, and noticed a gate that had been left slightly open. I started wondering what was behind that gate, who would wander along it, what they would find. I realized that Magnolia and Rom were the perfect characters to go explore that path—they were bored, lonely, and looking for reasons to spend time with each other. All the pieces came together pretty smoothly after that, the manuscript was written and published within a year. 

I wanted to write a story that captured life's in-between moments. I think our culture is quick to label ideas and experiences, but so much of life is more nuanced than black-and-white answers. With Somewhere In Between, I wanted to explore life's gray matter—particularly with two characters from different backgrounds who are trying to find their own emotional middleground. I'm also a fan of anime and experimental novelists like Mark Z Danielewski and Haruki Murakami, so the surreal themes and unconventional formatting is a sort of tribute to them, too.


Are you going to write a sequel?

I wrote this as a stand-alone story for Rom and Magnolia, and don't have plans at the moment to do any sort of sequels or spin-offs. I haven't ruled it out entirely though—never say never!



What are you working on now?


What is Kung Fu Girl Books?


What is your favorite book?


Where do you write?

I'm pretty lucky to have a home office that I can go to every morning--it hasn't always been the case! I used to set up my writing desk in my living room, or my bedroom back when I had roommates or lived at home with my parents. I'm also an on-the-go writer--I used to draft work while riding the subway, or in cafes in the morning. When I lived in Boston, Ula cafe or 7 Pond in Jamaica Plain were my favorites. Now that I live in KCMO, I head over to

How often do you write a new novel?




Do you listen to music while you write?

Sometimes! Music can evoke so many emotions, it's really great for drafting and getting ideas down on paper. When I've revising though, I find music a little distracting. It can be tough to hear the rhythm of your own language when you have someone else's

I also noticed that whenever I listened to certain bands, I'm immediately pulled into certain emotional directions. Wheneverlisten to Death Cab for Cutie I always end up writing really emotional scenes about couples breaking up.

What do you write on? Laptop or paper?

I think I've become a little notorious on social media for promoting pen and yellow legal pads. Lately I've been teaching myself how to write on my computer though. Either way, my drafts end up in Scrivener