Resources for Writers

I often tell people that writing is really the art of idea management. The craft of writing is honed by sitting and writing, but there are tools out there that make writing easier. Here are some that I recommend:


Word Processing




Scrivener has been a game-changing tool in my writing process.


Open Office

Another great alternative to Word, I use Open Office once the manuscript moves from drafting to revising. Open Office is free and open source, and also has a nifty PDF button to turn your documents to PDF.





The Day Designer

I started using this planner in 2016, and can't remember what life is like before I started using it. It's a daily planner, with a day to each page and a calendar view. It's layout intuitively combines scheduling


The Novel Planner



A lot of writers swear by Evernote. I've given it a couple of tries, but haven't been able to effectively work it into my writing routine (I'll certainly update here, if that changes!). I went in search of a different app that could help me catch all my ideas when I'm on-the-go, and have found Wunderlist to work really well.

In the app, you can create different folders, making it easy

You can also add Wunderlist to your Desktop, and both sync automatically across devices.


Books on Craft


On Writing by Stephen King


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