Coming soon: Katie Li - Patreon Creator

Somewhere In Between has been out for a whole entire year, and I think it's time to start telling you about my next projects. I have a bunch of manuscripts that I have been developing using the drafting cycle writing technique--and I can't wait to tell you more about those stories--but my next big project isn't a book, exactly.

On September 1, I'm launching a Patreon campaign.

If you aren't familiar with Patreon, it's a crowdfunding platform that allows fans and followers to support their favorite creators on an on-going basis, pledging a set amount of funding either per month or per creation. Patreon empowers creators the same way Etsy has for the DIY/crafting community and Createspace did for indie authors--it provides a space for creators and audiences to connect directly with each other, fund projects, and create new work, together.

Patreon's platform will help me tell you about my longer, novel length work-in-progress, and give me the chance to share new kinds of literary media with you that I've wanted to do for a long time. With regular funding, I will be able to produce mini books, art books, and novelettes--as well as collaborations with some of the amazing artists I have met over the years--painters, comic creators, filmmakers, and musicians.

The cool thing about this platform is I will be able to share my ideas with you, and you can tell me what you think. I can get your thoughts on themes, I can hear about the issues that you care about. If I get stuck, I can ask for your advice, and you can tell me what you want to see in a story. I can tell you already, I have a bunch of character names that I need help picking out.

My campaign is set up as a monthly subscription. Patrons can pledge an amount every month--$1, $3, $5, or $10--and each tier will receive different perks every week, month, quarter, and year. Perks range from chapbooks to online events like writing workshops or book clubs, as well as exclusive digital content like short stories, essays, comics, or chapters from my upcoming novels. I'll also have weekly updates on my work-in-progress, what I've been reading, and new insights on the world of publishing.

I've wanted to crowdfund my work for a really long time--pretty much since 2010, when I came back from Japan and kicked off my writing career. I've always been interested in how we can use the technology available to us to create and share art, and how we can use art to build community.

With Patreon, I can continue to explore these ideas--and include you in the process.

I'm really excited to be starting this new endeavor. I'll still be sharing my zine and blogs as usual, and I'll still be writing my manuscripts, of course. This is just a fun new service that I want to try, and hopefully you'll check it out with me.